Below are testimonials from clients I have worked with. If you would like a quote for any aspect of Arts Marketing or Analytics, please email siobhan@socialsparksmarketing.co.uk, or call me on 07793 531551.


Tom Elliott, General Manager, Northern Chamber Orchestra

It is a genuine pleasure to work with Siobhan, who is not only extremely proficient in all the technical skills of modern marketing practice, but she is also proactive and imaginative as well. She uses her wealth of experience to make sure our name is out there, where it needs to be and in the most efficient manner and is also one of the promptest repliers to emails I have ever come across, very handy when working to a deadline!


Mike Bull, Chairman, Glossop Music Festival

As Chairman of the Trustees of the Glossop Music Festival I have known Siobhan and we have benefitted from her skills enormously. Her marketing knowledge and ease of operation of so many facets of social media has been invaluable. Any others who can access her range of experience will also benefit greatly.  


Rachel Whibley, Managing Director, Carrot Productions 

Siobhan’s work with bloggers for last year’s Snowman Tour opened up a whole new marketing area for us, with superb results. She is extremely quick to respond, both to myself as a client and also to customers via social media, promoting confidence in the company. Highly recommended. 


Zoe Middleton, Head of Marketing, Penguin Live

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Siobhan, she not only has excellent social marketing skills but also a brilliant knowledge of cultural audiences in and around Manchester. She has been invaluable when promoting our Manchester based events, whether it’s a panel discussion on feminism or a celebration of LGBTQ+ spoken-word and literature, Siobhan has ensured our events are visible, reaching the right audiences and most importantly selling out!


If you would like a quote for any aspect of Arts Marketing or Analytics, please email siobhan@socialsparksmarketing.co.uk, or call me on 07793 531551.